Wall to All

Sometime stories of a sometime scribe who sometimes writes


My favourite stars are planets.


Night time clouds I do not like
They separate me from my stars
I have a crush on Jupiter
I think that I'm being eyed by Mars

And all the time I must contend
With clouds that roll across the skies
Obliterating fields of view
And hiding Venus from my eyes.

Neptune shines in clear dark sky
Where have you been all of this week?
I missed you when the clouds rolled by
Did you enjoy your hide and seek?

When I find Saturn I'll tell him
All the games his planets play
Twinkling stars are very well
But rolling clouds get in the way

Yellow star in purple sky
I miss you when you're out of sight
As rolling nightclouds tumble by
I've not seen you since Tuesday night.

Why do those clouds hide you from me
I like you when you shine all night
please come and visit me next week
My firma-mental favour-ite.


Shaun Wall. Nov.99 Doon.