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Edited from 2012 Facebook conversation

Rarely do I take another's shit and give it a facelift. But this interchange came from a favoured farceburk group in N.London near the Lee navigation, Tott. Hale. I used to love listening in. Since it is a multi-voiced exchange I don't consider it plagiarism. But! You could not make this up.



Tues22:18 via Mobile
So who's In the skip in high cross centre... Lol Man's sat on top digging thru shit right now...

Tues22:26 via mobile ·
Very strange... Is there a new hole onto the train track? The guy fucked off now either
sneaked back into 7b or onto the tracks (or robbing the van in newly cleared space) ..,.. No
chance he went out high cross or onto units 8x as had to pass me n dog...Kinda dodgy guy
all in black., black beenie

Tues22:32 ·
v. strange, wish i was fucked and maybe hallucinating!! but the guy had to of been hiding as
i walked round the skip 30seconds before he was climbing half way up it...... then vanishes
2mins later! I checked the cars and area.. nothing.    

Tues22:37 · 
I think you were hallucinating....lol    

Tues22:40 ·
I wish sweety!  kinda creepy, when you left to walk ya boy I was stood between the skip and
the rail track.... 1min later I walked outside front new 8units and spotted the guy. At first I
thought scrap metal (he was dressed for crime) ...but he was looking in bin bags OR Hiding
something Tempted go look lol  

Tues22:42 ·
so makes me wonder.... Dumb scrap metal thief with no clue.... Or hiding something. Was
too colour co-ordinated to be a homeless guy im sure!    

Ed. Just love the "color co-ordinated" comment. he was dressed all in black.

Tues23:11 ·
maybe just a bloke in a skip mate. Stranger things have happened.    

Tues23:52 ·
He was after cars for scrap but then started going through the bins...    

Tues23:57 ·
i live in the 8s and i caught someone going threw our rubbish a few nights ago then he
asked me if i had any polystyrene of all things... hmmm... strange, lets keep an eye out for
our mystery dumpster diver but earlie this morning there was a different guy after
cardboard n cars... think were starting to attract strange people...    

Yest00:04 · 
little laura, was the guy you spoke to italian with black framed glasses? Skip divings not a
problem guys, not really dodgy or anything like that (usually) maybe they're an artist
looking for free materials or anything really... one mans trash etc. Some of the best things I
have I found in a skip or on the street, try it one day  

Yest01:31 ·
 i fully understand skip diving as an art lol but was his re-actions... if he was just taking things .... then why be soo sneaky and dodgy about it..... maybe he spotted something in the day he wanted and came back in dark because, dunno? even scrap metal thiefs dont care this area (its all trash up top anyone knows this from daytime view). complete lunatic or something dodgy  

  Yest01:39 ·
skip diving is illegal, maybe he was worried someone was gonna say or do something? or
yeah, maybe something dodgy

i know its illegal but in this area if thats all he wanted, no one would of said shit in daylight
No reason be so sneaky in black at night! maybe if a shit load Copper!!! But no he was in
the black bags on top.   

Yest06:53 ·
    Vivat Amentibus ....how fucking URBAN! could be one of last years civil disobedience
fellows returning to the scene of the crime in pursuit of his i'll gotten gain, i bet one of
those black bags had 'swag' on the front...was he dressed in a Paul Gaultier Striped Knit or
as a Scooby doo villain? ....do tell...

Ed. He was dressed in fuckin BLACK you cretin. Sez it above.

Yest09:37 · 
wow, this place is soooooo ghetto, who would believe?  

 21 hours ago via mobile
 Alright, it was me, I'm skip diving perv

Lol maybe he was a skip pervert but where did he go!! Had to be into 7b or thru fence.. I'm
going to check the fence for holes in [a] min (fixed all last holes so shouldn't be any)